- Australia Daily Photo: July 2010

Sunset over the Great Australian Bight

This picture of the Great Australian Bight was taken near our camp spot in a Eyre Highway rest area on the Nullarbor Plain, South Australia. We arrived late in the day after a very long 700km drive. We stopped just as the sun was setting as we didn't want to risk the time most Kangaroos venture out on to the road. It was a windy night and we didn't get too much sleep. The rest area didn't have any amenities either and because Nullarbor means 'no trees' going to the loo was interesting!

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Volkswagen VW Beetle in Silverton

This is not something you would expect to see in the middle of the Outback... actually saying that it probably is, because they do some weird things with everyday items out here!
It is a VW Beetle painted up outside a gallery in Silverton, New South Wales. Considerable time and effort has gone into this car and I thought I would recognise that here...

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Tropical Sunset - Hamilton Island

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time (My wife even has it as her desktop background!). It is taken from 'One Tree Hill' on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. We love Hamilton Island and would recommend everyone have a visit. Great holiday atmosphere, beautiful weather, restaurants, beaches, you name it.
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Wildlife Wednesday 7 - Pademelon

This little guy is called a Pademelon, he came walking into our camp one night in Tasmania looking for food. Pedemelons are marsupials and very similar to Wallabies and Kangaroos only smaller.

Pademelon Tasmania Australia - © CKoenig

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Lightning Strike - Storm over Brisbane

This shot of lightning was taken at home from the back deck during a big storm over Brisbane. This strike was very loud and made the house shake. To say I was scared is an understatement!

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Sunset in Canberra

Been a while since I posted a sunset picture. Here is one that I love taken from our campsite in Canberra. Amazing what you see when you are living outdoors.
Sunset Canberra Australia - © CKoenig

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Isolation - Outback House, Silverton

I love this photo because it depicts a sense of nothing but this house.
This little house is actually in Silverton, Outback New South Wales, not far from the Silverton Pub.
Mad Max was filmed out here and the scenery is amazing. I love the outback!

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Douglas Hot Springs

This is a very popular stopping point on the way to Darwin. Douglas Hot Springs are thermal pools that create an oasis in the dry interior of the Northern Territory. The water here can be so hot that you should test it before jumping in! Due to the currents in the stream we had fun trying to stand with one leg in hot water and one in cold - very strange sensation.

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Warning Sign - Great Ocean Road

I don't want the amusing signs to become a theme day (partly because I don't have that many!), but I do want to try and make Friday's image funny or interesting in some way. Here is one that made us smile on the Great Ocean Road, it speaks for itself really and makes you realise how many tourists visit this area. To need a sign means people must be on the wrong side of the road pretty often!
Drive on Left Warning Sign, Great Ocean Road, Australia - © CKoenig

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Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is in South Australia and the access point we used to get out to it was off the Oodnadatta track. This lake is so big that we went with the hope of seeing water as it was flooding for one of the only times this century, but it was bone dry where we were (The water hadn't flowed down yet!) Apparently you needed a plane to see the water.
Lake Ekye is the sight of the land speed record on July 17th 1964 where Sir Donald Campbell and the Bluebird reached well over 400mph (650 kmh). For me the lasting memory of this place is the vast emptiness and the sky going on forever... oh and the flies!! - Needed to wear a head net to keep them at bay!

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Wildlife Wednesday 6 - Kangaroo

I am not sure how we got this far without the most famous of Australian animals making it into the blog...?
But here it is - no explanation required!
We found him loitering on someones from lawn in Woodford Qld.

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Eungella National Park

Eungella National Park is in Qld and I like the sense of height this shot displays. Eungella means "Land of the clouds" and is up on the Great Dividing Range. It is good spot to try and see Platypus in the wild.

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Parliament of Victoria - Melbourne

This Grand old building sits in Spring Street on the outskirts of Melbourne's city centre. The building was started in 1855 and was completed in stages in 1929. We liked Melbourne a lot and I think the thing that stood out the most was the history and old buildings that are still prominent there.

Parliament of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia - © CKoenig

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Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef

Coral Bay is one of Australias many hidden treasures. When we saw the beach here it literally took our breath away. As is normally the case with these places, the photos don't do it justice. Here I have taken a picture of the glass bottom boat that goes out over the coral reef. Compared to the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef has a few benefits... It is considered more pristine, much smaller and you can get to it by just swimming off the beach (which is obviously great for those on a budget.) One big downside is that is miles from anywhere in a quiet corner of Western Australia. Outback by the sea basically.
Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Florence Falls - Litchfield National Park

Litchfield NP is the less well known National Park near Darwin in the Northern Territory. Many say though that it is better than Kakadu ad s it is smaller and more accessible. I would have to agree after going to both.
Here is Florence Falls on a beautiful hot day, naturally we went for a swim to cool off (after we had come to the conclusion that is was a croc free zone!)....

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Funny Warning Sign

As it is Friday I thought I would post an amusing picture. Here is a sign we saw on the Great Ocean Road near a camp spot. We thought "This guy is having a bad day!"

Funny Warning Sign, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia - © CKoenig

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The Wave Rock - Hyden, Western Australia

This amazing place in the middle of nowhere is The Wave Rock. We travelled over 100kms to here on a dirt road beause we missed the main (bitumen) road turn! The drive was worth it though and we had lots of fun pretending to surf on this wave. The little town of Hyden owes it's ongoing existence to this rock and the tourists that visit it. Definitely worth a look if you are in the area.

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The Wave Rock Hyden Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Wednesday 5 - Huntsman Spider

The Huntsman spider is considered harmless. They can get very big though and you wouldn't catch me playing with one too much. Just glad it was outside of the house!

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Bramwell Station - Cape York

Cape York is a Mecca for 4x4 owners, they come to test their driving skills and their vehicle. Our trip around Oz was in a 4x4 and we thoroughly enjoyed the Cape. I am sure there will be plenty of images from here as the blog continues on.

This image is from Bramwell Station at the beginning of the "Old Telegraph Track". This track is what 4wders come to challenge themselves and their cars against. We spent the night before our trek here at bramwell with friends enjoying what would be our last shower for a while! Great camp spot.

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Devils Marbles - Northern Territory

These fascinating stones are truly in the middle of nowhere - near dead centre of the Northern Territory. They are formed by thousands of years of erosion. The land out here is so flat and the wind has shaped them all individually. We stopped here on the way to Alice Springs and had some fun pretending to push these giant rocks over for the camera.

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Blow Hole - Bicheno

Bicheno is a great stop on the east coast of Tasmania. They have a great campsite up on the hill with views over the ocean. Another reason to visit is the Blow hole, this is created when waves crash into small cracks and holes and the water is then forced out. We arrived at exactly the right time with the tide and swell putting on an awesome show.
Blow hole Bicheno Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Port Douglas Marina

We spent a lovely lunch here chatting and looking out over the Marina in Port Douglas. Port Douglas is a popular tourist stop just north of Cairns. Shopping and eating here are good, not to mention the idyllic beach.

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4x4 Track in Francois Peron National Park

This red road is the track that runs through Francois Peron National Park to the coast. It is a beautiful place and I wish we had had more time there when we visited. The red soil is amazing and this road was so much fun to drive. Going along at 50 km/h in soft sand... Brilliant!

4x4 Track Francois Peron National Park, Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Beach Huts on Brighton Beach - Melbourne

This image of colourful 'Bathing Boxes' was taken on Brighton Beach in Melbourne. Despite being no more than a shed these will set you back A$200,000! There are 82 of these in total and the chance to buy does not come along very often. They are also a great tourist attraction.

Beach Huts Brighton Beach Melbourne Australia - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Wednesday 4 - Freshwater Crocodile

Despite the guides saying that Freshwater Crocodiles are harmless this was about as close as I was prepared to get to this little fella.
They are the smaller cousin of the very dangerous and much larger Saltwater Croc. We found this one basking in the sun at Windjana Gorge in the north of Western Australia. It was our first proper sighting of a croc of anykind and it was strange to be able to get so close to a wild one.

Freshwater Crocodile, Australia - © CKoenig

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Lake King William - Morning Mist

This shot reminds me of great times. We arrived late in a small town called Derwent Bridge in central Tasmania. We were looking for a campsite but there was nothing suitable. We grabbed the 'free' camps book and found this place by the side of Lake King William only 5 mins away and absolutely free. Had a good night around a campfire making new friends. This was the view when we got up in the morning. Mist rising from the water.

Lake King William Sunrise, Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Dead Horse Gap - What's in a name?

This is a bit of a depressing name...
Dead Horse Gap is in the Snowy Mountains and is so called because wild horses can become trapped up here in a snow storm and perish :-(
This is one of the highest places in Australia that has a road to it. We drove up for a look around and the views were awesome. I really like the deep blue sky in this shot.

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North Queensland Beach

Had another request here and presumed that North Qld implied beach of some sort! What could be more typical of north Qld than a palm tree over the sand. This is Karawarra Beach near Cairns - we stopped here for one of our more picturesque lunches.

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Perth - River City...

Somebody asked me if I had a nice shot of Perth I could post. This one springs to mind, took lots of night shots here whilst my wife was on on a 3 hours phone call to the UK!! We liked Perth and it would be our favourite Australian city if it didn't feel so isolated. Lovely city, good memories.

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Historic Hobart

Today's image is of Salamanca Place in Hobart Tasmania. Every Saturday this areas fills up with locals and tourists visiting the markets. In the evening it's popular for it's resturants and bars. We really liked Hobart - it's old charm reminded us of England and the old buildings there.
Salamanca Place, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Sunset over a lake in Eden

For those of you who don't already know, we have done a lot of camping in Australia. This shot was taken from the campsite about 20 metres from our tent. How's that for a view?

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