- Australia Daily Photo: March 2011

Wildlife Wednesday 24 - Tiger Shark

Hi All
Been a while since the last Wildlife shot. I took this less than an hour after being in that water snorkelling in the Ningaloo Reef. A scary sight, that's for sure.

Tiger Shark Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Our trip through Victoria coincided with the horrible bush fires of 2009 and we didn't see as much of it we would have liked. So apologies for duplicating towns in the state.

This one is of the actual 'Entrance' in Lakes Entrance. They keep this channel clear by continually dredging it out.
Lakes Entrance Victoria Austraila - © CKoenig

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Tasmanian Rainbow

This shot was taken from the side of the road in North East Tasmania, exact location unknown. Amazing what you see when you spend so much time on the road.

Rainbow Tasmania Australia - © CKoenig

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