- Australia Daily Photo: August 2010

Murray River National Park

This picture was taken the morning we woke up next to the Murray River. We found some $5 camp spots not far from the town of Mildura. It was very quiet and we were the only people around for some distance. Very tranquil spot.

Murray River National Park, Victoria, Australia - © CKoenig

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Dust Storm, Flinders Ranges

This was the amazing view of an early morning dust storm as we drove from our 3 nights in the Flinders to Maree at the bottom of the Birdsville Track.

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Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park was one of our favourite places on our tour of Australia. It is a relatively unknown destination but definitely worth the trip. We couldn't believe that such an amazing place existed in such tranquility. Awesome place. This is a shot of Kermits Pool.

Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park, Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Low Tide, Port Sorell, Tasmania

We did not stay in Port Sorell but we passed through. Low tide makes for an interesting image of the boats leaning on their bottoms.

Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Crocodile Warning Sign - Kakadu National Park

This was our first real warning of the large Saltwater Crocodile. Pretty scary to think that you can't walk down the road as you may be eaten!
Needless to say we drove!

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Tractor Beach, Streaky Bay

This shot was taken with the sun low in the sky as we were looking for a spot to camp for the night. It was taken near Tractor beach, Streaky Bay, South Australia. We had an amazing sun set that night... I'll share it with one of these days!

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Wildlife Wednesday 11 - White Peacock

Now I know this is not technically 'Wild' life but I thought this guy was worth a mention. It is the White Peacock at Sandfire Roadhouse in Western Austraila. There were lots of Peacocks roaming here and around the campsite. Great stopping point on the way to Broome.

White Peacock Sandfire Roadhouse Western Austraila - © CKoenig

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Pirates Bay, Tasmania

I love the way the cliffs stand out in this shot of Pirates Bay in Tasmania.
There are a few interesting things to see in the Pirates bay area including 'Doo Town', The Tessalated Pavement, Devils Kitchen and Eagle Hawk Neck. Well worth a visit.

Pirates Bay, Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Kings Canyon is a major attraction in the southern region of the Northern Territory. Obviosly not as major as Uluru though. This shot was taken from in the canyon looking up the walls, pretty immense place.

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The Tip, Cape York

I know, I know....
Daily photo and I missed a day! Apologies to you all. I am posting 2 today to make up for it *Grovel Grovel*
The most northern point of the Australian Mainland is in Cape York Queensland and is a pretty spectacular place.
Here we have a picture of the sign and the view from the cliff.
The sign unfortunately has been vandalised and stolen. I am not sure if a new one has replaced it yet?

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Time zone change road sign

Here's something you don't see every day. This is an international time zone change but with a slight difference... The town for which this sign is for falls within a state that observes a different time zone. To explain Broken Hill is in New South Wales which is GMT +10 but it observes South Australia time which is GMT +9.5
We passed this sign a couple of times and had to keep changing our watch!
The shot was taken on the move... This explains the blur in the image.

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Outback Road - Plenty Highway, NT/QLD

This picture was taken out of the window as the car was rumbling along a dirt road called The Plenty Highway. This road is a pretty good shortcut if you want to travel between Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and Mt Isa in Queensland. There is only one fuel stop on the way though and it is a homesteads back garden. At $1.90 a litre it's not cheap either!
We drove 700kms on this road in one day - great memories though we were a little over the dust by the end of it!

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Wildlife Wednesday 10 - Possum

This is a Possum (not entirely sure which variety?). He came down from the tree we were camping next to and took this piece of Pineapple from my hand.
We were camping in Airlie Beach, North Queensland at the time.

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The Skerries, Wingan Inlet, Croajingolong National Park

The Skerries is a small set of islands in the Bass Strait and is home to one of Australia's largest Fur Seal populations. I do not have a lens that can shoot far enough to make them out, but we did spend a while looking at them through binoculars. The shot was taken from the beach at Wingan Inlet in the interestingly named Croajingolong National Park, Victoria.
The Skerries, Wingan Inlet, Croajingolong National Park, Victoria, Australia - © CKoenig

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Outback Freight Train - Tom Price

Good morning readers, today's image is from a plcae called Tom Price in northern Western Australia. It is not a big town and owes it's existence to mining as do many of the inland outback towns. I am not a train spotter.. but I like this shot of the train emerging from the hills, it evokes thoughts of where this train is going and what the driver will see on his way across the outback.

Outback Freight Train, Tom Price, Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Grapes on Vine, Hunter Valley

It's Sunday here, the sun is shining and the temp is 25C (even though it is winter). I was thinking about a glass of wine an that is the thought process for how I arrived at this image. It is a red wine grape bunch hanging off the vine in The Hunter Valley, New South Wales.

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Sunrise aboard Spirit of Tasmania

Well..... as requested in a comment on the last post by 'Wind', here is the sunrise from the Spirit of Tasmania on the morning we couldn't sleep. I love the dramatic clouds.
Sunrise aboard Spirit of Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Spirit of Tasmania Ferry

This is the ferry from the Prot of Melbourne, Victoria over to Devonport in Tasmania. We took the 4x4 over with us and I thought the fare was reasonable. The journey takes 9 hours and we did an overnight run without the benefit of a cabin. Instead we had to sleep in what I can only descride as airplane chairs! Needless to say we were up early the next day watching the sun rise! I have a picture for a later date, stay tuned ;)

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry, Australia - © CKoenig

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Richmond Bridge - Tasmania

This is the oldest remaining bridge in Australia. It is Richmond Bridge over the Coal River in Tasmania. Richmond is a wonderful little town and nowhere reminded me more of home in the Cotswolds (UK) than here.

Richmond Bridge, Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Wednesday 9 - Camel

Most of you will know that Camels are not native to Australia, they are however now roaming wild in the outback and are very successful at it. So much so they have become a pest. They were brought over by middle eastern traders and were great for the harsh outback condidtions. Unfortunately for native Australian fauna a lot were released when no longer needed. Still... we enjoyed this rare sighting - we were on the way to Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.

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Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

We recently visited the Glass House Mountains and the lookouts surrounding them. We have driven passed them many times but never actually done the tourist bit. The climb up Mount Beerburrum it VERY steep but the view is rewarding - Wear good shoes!

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Shute Harbour

This is the view from Shute Harbour in Northern Queensland looking out into the Pacific Ocean toward the Whitsunday Island group. A lot of ferries leave from here to the islands. It is 10km from the resort town of Airlie Beach, this was taken from the car park, not bad hey?

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Wine Barrels - Barossa Valley, South Australia

The Barossa is a famous Red Wine growing region north of Adelaide in South Australia. I found some great Shiraz here and one in particular has become a firm favourite. Wine tasting in the Barossa is on my list of must do things in Australia. Penfolds was a particular highlight.

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Alpine Ski Lodge, Dinner Plain, Victoria

I thought this place looked like something out of The Adams Family! This is one of the lodges that are available in Dinner Plain ski resort near Mount Hotham in the Victoria section of the Australian Alps. Great views from up here in summer, it was hard to imagine the place under snow.

Alpine Ski Lodge, Dinner Plain, Victoria, Australia - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Warning, Crossing the Nullarbor

This interesting collection of wildlife can be driven into/run over on the Eyre Highway crossing the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia.
The Animals are Camel, Kangaroo (Obviously) and Wombat. Why the decision to put the exact distance of 92kms and not just a round 100kms is a question I would like the answer to!

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Gap Bluff - Sydney Harbour

We enjoyed the scenic drive around Sydney's outer coastal suburbs. This interesting shot was taken at Gap Bluff in Sydney Harbour National Park NSW. I think it could get pretty cold and windy up here in winter! Does anyone else think that the rocks in the ocean look like huge bricks lined up?

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Wildlife Wednesday 8 - Saltwater Crocodile

We took a Crocodile Tour on the Adelaide River, Northern Territory to find this guy. It was a very strange knowing that if you were to fall into the river you were as good as eaten. They say there is a croc in every 80 metres of river up here! The warning signs are everywhere.

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Rolling Fields, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland

You could be forgiven in thinking that this was New Zealand ot the UK, there are not many parts of Australia that look as green and lush as this. Atherton is in Nothern Queensland, not too far from Cairns and it gets plenty of rain throughout the year. After driving for 6 months and seeing nothing but dry bushland we were amazed and could not stop snapping away! Weird when you think we grew up seeing this sort of thing every day in the UK!

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Torrens River, Adelaide

This is the very relaxed city of Adelaide and it's Torrens River. Adelaide is a very nice city with a lot of green space. It doesn't get the acolades and attention of Sydney and Melbourne but that's the way they seem to like it around here! Adelaide is the 5th biggest city in Australia and is also the driest. The road into Adelaide is the steepest, longest, fastest downhill run I have ever done - quite unnerving!

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Nelson Falls, Tasmania

Tasmania was full of beautiful waterfalls and this one is no exception. Nelson Falls is in central tassie and was a very popular place when we pulled up. I used a slow shutter to get this silky waster shot.
Nelson Falls, Tasmania, Australia - © CKoenig

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