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Brisbane Festival 2011

Once again it's been a long time between posts and I must apologise.
I have been busy opening a store to allow my images to be bought.

My images are gradually being uploaded to Zazzle where they can be bought as postcards, mouse pads, posters and even canvas.
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If there are any of my images not for sale yet that you would personally like to buy then please comment on this post and I will upload the image in the format you want.

In the meantime please enjoy this image of the Laser Light show in Brisbane last month. Thanks to all for reading and commenting.

Brisbane Laser Show 2011 - © CKoenig

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Katherine Gorge

Aboriginally known as Nimitluk National Park, Katherine Gorge is on the way into (or out of) Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory.

They have a great camping ground in the park and the whole area is very scenic.
This shot is taken from the top of the Gorge looking along the Katherine River

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Beautiful Storm Contrast

This amazing image was taken whilst driving on the beach on Queensland's beautiful Fraser Island.

Golden Sand, Green Ocean and Angry Black Sky...

Fraser is all sand and a 4x4 is the only way to get around.

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Contrast - Flinders Ranges National Park

One of my favourite all time images, taken in the Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia.
It is what I imagine Mars would look like if you caould go there...

As I have previously said this is one amazing place and everyone should visit if they get the chance.

Flinders Ranges National Park South Australia - © CKoenig

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Film Location - Kakadu National Park

This shat was taken in the amazing kakadu National Park in Australia's Northern Territory.
I am relaibly informed that the area you see was part of the filming location for Crocdile Dundee

Truly amazing landscape......

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Pink Sky - Sunset in Eden

This shot was taken on the same evening that we took the sunset over a lake in Eden post way back on 1st July 2010.

We raced from the lake to the beach and just managed to capture a few shots - this is my favourite

We saw some great skies on our trip and they are a lasting memory for me.

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Outback Road, Karijini National Park, WA

This amazing road can be found in Karijini National Park, Western Australia.
It is located not too far from Weano Gorge, be careful though it is quite corrugated and I would recommend a 4x4.

As I have said Karijini is a beautiful place yet relitively unknown. It is a must visit if you are in the area.

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Outback Road, Karijini National Park, Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Perfect Camp Spot - Murray River National Park

This shot was taken at sunrise from the front of our tent. We were on the SA VIC border not far from Berri. The place was pretty isolated and peaceful.

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Artillery Memorial, Canberra

After a very busy few months including the birth of my first child I am back and revisiting my stash of photos from around Australia.

Apologies to those followers that have missed me! Whilst I aim to post as often as I can 'daily' may not be acheivable but we'll see.

Toady's image is from the Artillery Memorial, Mount Pleasant, Canberra
The view over Canberra from here is very good and you can really get an appreciation of the straight line designs of the City.

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Beautiful Tasmanian Coastline

This shot was taken near the Tessalated Pavement in Tasmania.
I love the way the trees frame the shot.

Coast Tasmania Australia - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Wednesday 25 - Flora

Quickly running out of wildlife so thought I would post some flowers for the next few. You guys can tell me the names as I am no expert here!
Australian Banksia Flower Plant - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Wednesday 24 - Tiger Shark

Hi All
Been a while since the last Wildlife shot. I took this less than an hour after being in that water snorkelling in the Ningaloo Reef. A scary sight, that's for sure.

Tiger Shark Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Our trip through Victoria coincided with the horrible bush fires of 2009 and we didn't see as much of it we would have liked. So apologies for duplicating towns in the state.

This one is of the actual 'Entrance' in Lakes Entrance. They keep this channel clear by continually dredging it out.
Lakes Entrance Victoria Austraila - © CKoenig

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Tasmanian Rainbow

This shot was taken from the side of the road in North East Tasmania, exact location unknown. Amazing what you see when you spend so much time on the road.

Rainbow Tasmania Australia - © CKoenig

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Anchor, Great Ocean Road

This is an old relic from a time gone by still led on 'Wreck Beach' as a memorial. This sort of Man meets nature stuff has always fascinated me.

Anchor, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia - © CKoenig

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Kings Canyon

This contrasting shot was taken under the clear skies of Kings Canyon.
I still never tire of seeing the red earth against the aswesome blue sky.
We spent the night after Kings Canyon on a station even though it was 25C in the day it got down to near freezing that night. In a tent that's pretty cold!!!

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Nature's Window Kalbarri NP

This amazing rock formation is Nature's Window (For obvious reasons) and can be found in Kalnarri National Park Western Australia. Pretty amazing place....

This image is now available for purchase at my store Image Australia
Natures Window Kalbarri NP Western Australia - © CKoenig

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Wildlife Wednesday 23 - Magpie Goose

Wildlife Weds again and if I am honest I am starting to run out of fauna photos. I might resort to including flora to as well  :)

Today's wildlife is a Magpie Goose and was captured in a tree in Cape York far north Queensland. I was reliably informed that they are quite rare!

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Snowy Mountains NP

Today's image is from the Snowy Mountains NP in New South Wales. Hard to believe this is all under snow in the winter - it was 35C degrees when we were here!

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Thurra River, Croajingolong NP

This is a little known place in South East Victoria called Thurra River in Croajingolong National Park. We had great fun running down sand dunes here. Serious mozzie problem after dark tho - go to bed early and make sure you zip up!!

Thurra River Croajingolong NP Victoria Australia - © CKoenig

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Shipwreck - Fraser Island

Hi All,

I am back, sorry for the huge gap in posts.
Today I want to share the very cool shipwreck on Fraser Island in Queensland. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world and claimed this ship a very long time ago.
This image is now available for purchase at my store Image Australia

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