- Australia Daily Photo: First Post.... Uluru / Ayers Rock

First Post.... Uluru / Ayers Rock

My plan is to upload an image that I have captured from around Australia every day (when I have access to the internet of course!) and provide readers with a little info about the destination.

It's difficult to know where to start...
Australia is a country of stark contrast and amazing natural beauty of course, but there are many other interesting things that you see out and about in Oz.
Whilst I am sure many of the images I share will be awesome landscapes I also hope to get a good share of the more unusal as well.

Seeing as this is my first post on this photo blog though, I will go for something very cliche.....

Uluru is a must see for any visitor to Australia - It is truly awe inspiring, when you see it you can't help but keep looking at it!

The main issue for travellers is getting there...
Despite what many people think Uluru (Ayers Rock) is not that close to Alice Springs NT, it is still over 400kms - which is a days drive. Yulara is the closest place to Uluru and is a purpose built modern town to service the many visitors to the famous rock. Accommodation at Yulara ranges from un-powered camping all the way up to hotel suites. There are shops, food outlets, a fuel station and even a bar there.
At the time of writing this, Park entry to Uluru National Park is AU$25 per Adult so be prepared.

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