- Australia Daily Photo: Kalgoorlie - Gift of Gold

Kalgoorlie - Gift of Gold

Todays image is of "The Super Pit" open cut gold mine in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. Kalgoorlie is an old mining town still thriving thanks to the gold. It is in the Eastern interior of WA - 4 hours drive from the end of the Nullabor crossing.
Most of the year it is extremely hot here and visitors are few. In the winter however curious tourists venture over. The Super Pit is becoming a major attraction and you can get to the viewing platform I took this photo from for free. You can also pay to take a tour and see some of the HUGE machines they have working the mine. If you look really hard you can see a truck hauling the rocks, makes you realise how big this hole in the floor is!

The Super Pit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia - © CKoenig

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